The South Central Pennsylvania Heart Safe Program was established under the Nicholas Ryan Over Foundation. The program works towards a strong chain of survival that includes early access to an automated external defibrillator (AED). We need to make our schools as well as our communities "heart safe" so that victims of sudden cardiac arrest have a second chance at life. We hope to do this by promoting AED placements as well as CPR and AED training. The Foundation would like to see schools place CPR and AED training in their curriculum.

Recent studies have shown:
  • A victim of SCA is more likely to survive with bystander CPR yet bystander CPR is performed in only one out of four cases.
  • Children age 9 and above showed high quality overall performance after being trained in the support techniques.
  • Training secondary school teenagers to perform emergency life support was successful particularly in their ability to deploy an AED and perform CPR.
  • Only 15 US states mandate CPR training for high school students. Although many schools voluntarily teach CPR, the quality, consistency, and frequency of training is varied.

The Nicholas Ryan Over Foundation and Take It to Heart
are working together to make
South Central Pennsylvania "Heart Safe."

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