Parent Heart Watch (PHW) is a state-by state network of parents dedicated to reducing the often disastrous effects of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in children. Parent Heart Watch enables information sharing, support networks, and the formulation of nationwide programs that meet our mission and vision objectives.

Parent Heart Watch is a 501(c)(3) national network of families founded by parents, for parents who have either lost a child to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) or whose child is at known risk for SCA. Together through state-by-state networks, the families have formed a national voice dedication to driving change through information sharing, support networks and the formulation of nationwide programs.

The members of Parent Heart Watch advocate for awareness and change - all with the goal of protecting children from SCA.

Parent Heart Watch focuses its energies and resources on the following causes:
  • Help - Enpower, connect and educate parents on the effects of SCA in children.
  • Education - Promote awareness about the true extent of SCA in young people.
  • Advocacy - Affect public policy change on local, state and national levels so communities take action.
  • Research - Establish credible research initiatives for SCA in children.
  • Treatment - Cardiac Arrest is the instantaneous loss of electrical heart function. The rhythms of the heart can only be restored with defibrillation.
PHW calls on the talents and passion of parents whose children have suffered from a SCA. Its mission has been brought to life through the following types of programs.
  • National Leadership Forum to build a national network, "One voice" in the fight against SCA.
  • AED placement & education in schools, sports venues, and other public places where youth congregate.
  • Cardiac screenings for young people nationwide.
  • Advocacy Programs

Parent Heart Watch is pleased to announce the release of "Rewind" - its first PSA!

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