June 14th, 2014 - Governor Corbett signed Aidan's Law into effect
The legislation will require the Commonwealth of Pa. to create a registry of AEDs in public and private schools. The law will help schools to purchase or replace an AED by negotiating a bulk rate for a discounted price. Thank you to the Silva's for all their hard work to make this happen!

Saving lives in school
Source: whptv.com
About one thousand children and young adults die every year from sudden cardiac arrest. That's why a group of advocates headed to the state capitol today, hoping to make kids safer, especially while they're at school. Read more...

Carlisle family among advocates of AED bill
George and Cris Over created a foundation named in honor of their son who died of a sudden cardiac arrest. Their tragedy has turned into a positive over the past eight years. And if a bill currently before the state House of Representatives Education Committee ever becomes law, George and Cris Over will have a lot more to be happy about. Read more...